Monday, July 5, 2010

Something Panamanian

I locked myself in the laundry room for the second time today. They need an escape hatch. That would be real public service.

The first time I locked myself in there no one was home, but I had just unlocked the front door to see if it was cool enough to jog, so I waited about 15 minutes before a neighbor pulled in and I caught her attention and asked her to come through the front door, to the kitchen, and let me out.

Today, I went to the laundry room after Mama Petra said something about there still being clothes out there (I thought I had packed them all). It was just as she left, and I of course shut the door behind me. I didn't realize it until I had gathered what I had left out there, and yes, door closed. There really is no way out of there when you shut the door. There are two other doors but you need a key to open them. The room is outside but barred off to thin to fit your head through. There was a knife out there and I tried to pick the lock (though I've only see this done in movies and by one ex-roommate and have no idea how the process works) but I think the knife was too large. I figured, well, I don't have to be out of here right away. Someone will come home in a few hours. The problem today was that the front door was locked, so I couldn't ask a neighbor for help. Just me and a bunch of damp clothes. And then I saw her. Petra! Across the street. "Petra!!!" I cried. She turned. I indicated that I was stuck in the laundry room. And then she came to my rescue. Who says you need a prince to come save you. Its the princesses with the wits and the compassion to save a tormented creature. So I am officially out of the laundry room sooner than I assumed I would be, and working on my plans for the aforementioned escape hatch.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doing what I do best

Freaking out. About next year. I have a GREAT opportunity to work with an organization in VA next year, American Indian outreach on STEM education programs. However, I wanted to take Singhal's class (not offered?) and now reeeeally don't want to move again. Think I'll stay in the Rock? Not registered for classes. Have no housing. Still want to work monthly in VA. Oy. Help. I'm in Panama. Not conducive to figuring out my life.

I went on my honeymoon last weekend with my long lost lover, Camille. We went to Contadora Island, home to 200 people and more than enough hotels. I bartered a cabbie on the way to the airport, took a 12 seater to the island where I encountered more English speakers than I have the whole trip. We had a romantic date night at Villa Romantica

And there was A/C in the room.

(check the top of the pic...yes I know the rooms a mess)

It was hyperAmericanized, and I couldn't have stayed another day. We almost had to though! Camille accidentally booked her flight for July 29, not June... This became problematic when I realized I couldn't just trade tickets, as she was scared to go to PC alone without much Spanish. Luckily, everyone understands a terrified, near tears American girl, and a Southerner living in a town about 30 minutes from me showed some southern hospitality and Camille made it on the plane.

I just bought an ice cream cone for a quarter from a man with a push cart on the street. It was fantastic. I also got four dark chocolate candy bars and three birthday cards in the mail today. A good day. Now, I've just got to figure out my American life...