Monday, July 5, 2010

Something Panamanian

I locked myself in the laundry room for the second time today. They need an escape hatch. That would be real public service.

The first time I locked myself in there no one was home, but I had just unlocked the front door to see if it was cool enough to jog, so I waited about 15 minutes before a neighbor pulled in and I caught her attention and asked her to come through the front door, to the kitchen, and let me out.

Today, I went to the laundry room after Mama Petra said something about there still being clothes out there (I thought I had packed them all). It was just as she left, and I of course shut the door behind me. I didn't realize it until I had gathered what I had left out there, and yes, door closed. There really is no way out of there when you shut the door. There are two other doors but you need a key to open them. The room is outside but barred off to thin to fit your head through. There was a knife out there and I tried to pick the lock (though I've only see this done in movies and by one ex-roommate and have no idea how the process works) but I think the knife was too large. I figured, well, I don't have to be out of here right away. Someone will come home in a few hours. The problem today was that the front door was locked, so I couldn't ask a neighbor for help. Just me and a bunch of damp clothes. And then I saw her. Petra! Across the street. "Petra!!!" I cried. She turned. I indicated that I was stuck in the laundry room. And then she came to my rescue. Who says you need a prince to come save you. Its the princesses with the wits and the compassion to save a tormented creature. So I am officially out of the laundry room sooner than I assumed I would be, and working on my plans for the aforementioned escape hatch.

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