Wednesday, June 23, 2010

About the Monkeys and Stuff

So, I guess stuff isn't a good enough description of Panamanian countryside. I will do my best to describe a beautiful picture for you all to enjoy!!! So, we drove out to a little community, not a town, but a conglomeration of houses. They were open puertas, no doors, and at Abuelo's house random chickens kept wandering through the house as we sat on the porch. Upon leaving, he gave Amanda a bag of eggs...and an avocado (I think) and some mangoes (which are eeeeverywhere here). So on the way out there, we drive past all this picturesque tropical forest, stop and get out to peer at the monkeys. I'm really bad at zoos (I know Rebecca is a rockstar at them) but they are cute little creatures, with the baby on back thing going on. And it was pretty cool that they were in these gorgeous tropical trees. I think I had a stronger impression in the community. So tranquil. After my father's decision not to visit Chitre when he comes to Panama next month (even though I explained to him that there IS in fact a KFC here) because he is afraid to get on a bus that might have passangers carrying chickens (again, dad, this isn't a movie about Mexico), it was fun to watch the chickens wander about. I mean, they're around in Chitre, too, in the yard sometimes, as are the random horses tied to the gate at the school now and then, but given the more developed layout of Chitre (compared to the campo, I suppose) some of these things strike a different chord. Random! Also, an guy had a bunch of hand carved shallow bowls used for sorting rice at his home. They cost like three bucks. Talk about undervaluing your work. "How long does that take?" "Oh, about a day for each." Three dollars. Are you kidding me?

I hope that is an adequate elaboration, Rebecca and Trina, on my "monkey's and stuff" comment. I will leave you with a photo of Abuelo:

Tell me he isn't adorable.


  1. And yes, I did just spell your name "Trina" have no excuse but will make one up anyway: I had a dog growing up named Trini. I got her in first grade when I was learning to read. She was named after the yellow ranger. My parents put her to sleep without telling me when I went to college. I still haven't gotten over it. Sorry, TRENIA!!!

  2. Monkeys are so cute! When, I buy my alpaca farm and never return to the states, I will have monkeys too. And chickens. And guinea pigs. PS Do they eat guinea pigs there? Here it is a very expensive delicacy. And they serve them whole...looking at you and everything!

  3. Not that I know of...I did go to some rural island/hantavirus capital of the world and pay double for lake grout on a plate, though...