Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm sitting in an airport...

So, the next two weeks of my stay in Panama are pretty much vacay. I am waiting for my friend Camille to arrive tonight, we are going to an island, and she will be here until Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I have more condom talks. Sunday (I believe) is Amanda's Panamanian bachelorette party. Monday I am back in Panama City for my parents' arrival which well last until Friday of that week. Ha.

But really, I have some experiences in Panama, I swear. Proof:

I call this my classic third world picture (thanks Amanda).

So, I took a bus from Chitre to Panama City. Its the same thing I took the opposite way when I got here. However, this time I took it with a person who works for Amanda, and is from PC. On the way, knowing I planned to take a bus to the airport (1 dollar vs. 20) he tried to talk me into taking a ride with his friends for 30 bucks both ways. In comparison to a taxi both ways, this really is a good deal. However, taking only a taxi to the hostel and a dollar bus here is 21 dollars. In my broke ass head my way makes more sense. He was clearly only looking out for me. He kept telling me how dangerous PC is and when we got to the terminal he ran into a friend who said the same thing without prompting. But by this point I was severely frustrated. I asked him what part of my plan was so dangerous. I had been to the airport at night. I had cabbed to a hostel. I had stayed in a hostel. I had bussed to the terminal (the same terminal for distance busses as the airport we are leaving from tomorrow) and I had successfully navigated the terminal. He told me yes, but you did that with Amanda. NO I DID NOT! I DID IT SOLA!!!! AMANDA WAS IN CHITRE!!! Is the bus the issue. I am not afraid of the bus. I am going four hours early because I want to take the bus during the day, not at night. I am being smart about this. So, he took me to the bus, literally stuck me in the first seat, told the driver where I needed to go, asked how much, took my phone number and gave me his, and told me to call him when I arrived. I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate the consideration, but I also have this side of me that wants to DO IT MYSELF! Anyway, I made it to the airport in one piece and am now chilling in the restaurant upstairs (the only place with free internet) drinking wine to pass the time while I wait for Camille.

I also went to some random rural island that I had to walk in muck and take a mini boat to get to, and also to Contadora (but with a massive headache), and to Las Minas to a rural rural school for a picture day. I have pictures posted here:!/album.php?aid=2912236&id=13905659 and will do my best to hold myself accountable to updating on that!!!

Worst. Blogger. Ever.


  1. I just realized that my title makes it sound like I am leaving at first glance. Nope. Just picking someone up! (Making my parents take their own taxi to the city. Sitting here this long in order to take cheap bus and avoid paying much for taxi--parents arrive late also--results in too much vino tinto consumption...)

  2. not contadora. thats where im going tomorrow. cambutal. jeez louise i need to learn to blog better!

  3. I love how you comment on your own posts. :-)

  4. PC can be sketch depending on the part, but just be careful Little Debbie, and you'll be fine. Also have you ridden any of the Red Devils? Those things are like rich for stories in blogging! I want to hear your public transit stories.

  5. Speaking of airports- not that it is related at all to anything you've talked about but I want to share it. In Australia, if you are flying to somewhere in the country, you don't need an ID to get a boarding pass. You don't need a boarding pass to get through security. You just have to flash said boarding pass at the woman as you board the plane. Safety=priority.