Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soliciting guidance in this troubling time...

I realized today that my birthday marks my halfway point in Panama. Weird. Smack dab in the middle of my time in Chitre, I...dun, dun, dun...age. Eff. I prepared for 23 for two months so that I wouldn't experience the trauma of 22. Ok, but today, I lost part of my face ring, which I knew needed to come out eventually, but was thinking 25 was an appropriate time. So, today I 1st came to terms with my face au natural and 2nd admitted to myself that I am 25. Shut up. Thats what this means. I turned 25 today. Now, I hope to live to be a great grandmother (well, or something of the sort), so I need to find a better way to come to grips with my age. But seriously, I'm afraid of khakis and polos and loafers. I like young. I want to be old. I think I go through my quarter-life crisis annually. Well, for the past three years at least. And I'm sure I have a handful more to come.

So. Advice. Por favor. How do I age without flipping out? Gracias.

Tambien, this is the song I hear 8 times a day. Enjoy!

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